Stop And Frisk Research Paper

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Stop Injustice, End "Stop and Frisk"

Do you want to feel discriminated against? No? If you do not want to feel discriminated against then stop "stop and frisk". "Stop and frisk" is a law that caused much trouble for the people of the United States and the people of planet earth. This law allows police and officers to stop blameless people and frisk them. This law usually targets youth and people of color and this is extremly important reasons to stop it. A first example that shows that the law is not legal is that tons of people who get stopped are innocent. The second example that shows the illegality of the law would be that it is a discriminatory and racist law. However, other people have different opinions, other people think that "stop and frisk" help protects people from people that look suspicious and may risk the safety our society. "Stop and frisk" should not be a law because instead of helping and protecting people it discriminates against people and disrespects the.
"Stop and frisk" should stop because innocent people are getting blamed because of harmful people 's action. In the article " 'Stop and Frisk ' Myth Busters," research shows, "Nine out of ten people
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In summary, "stop and frisk" should not be a law anymore because it does not help our community, in fact, it ruins it. The primary reason that shows why to stop and frisk ought not to exist as a law is because guiltless individuals are getting accused of unsafe individual activities. Nevertheless, people still believe that "stop and frisk" protect them and that people from different races are a danger to the society. What people are claiming is false claims because it is not proven by actual statistics. Some people still think that "stop and frisk" is a law that helps bring peace to the nations. Seriously? How could today 's society be so gullible to the point where they agree with a law that destroys our society instead of support it. We should all come together and stand
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