Stop Animal Testing Persuasive Essay

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This product may cause rashes or hair loss, please consult your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms. In today’s consumer market products are an important aspect of sales. But how do companies assure their customers that what they are selling is safe to use? How can they inform the consumer what the possible side effects are? Most companies utilize powerless animals as test subjects. While some believe animal testing should be continued, animal testing is inhumane and should be eliminated because animals cannot protect themselves and the results of such testing is often deadly
Animal testing is cruel and deadly. As of 2016, 19,500,000 animals are killed due to testing each year. That’s 1,625,000 animals per month that did not have to die; they did die though due to dangerous and unsafe products. Every day about 53,425 animals die from testing unsafe products. This type of treatment to humans would be illegal and those testing would be convicted of committing mass murder. 53,425 deaths a day is insurmountably hard for the human mind to comprehend. This can be avoided by stopping animal testing Animals cannot help themselves. They cannot unite in a front against animal testing. The evidence is in
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The National Institutes of Health spend 12-14.5 billion on animal testing per year. They are not that cheap and far less cheap than a person who volunteers themselves. While I agree that a human 's life is more valuable the degree to which we are devaluing animal lives shows a disrespect for all life. There are alternatives to animal testing. In the works cited page I put an article that discusses the alternatives. Life is valuable there is no person on this Earth that can restore it and daily we kill 53,425 animals to see if the new face cream or perfume is safe. This type of mass execution cannot be maintained. All life is valuable and death should not be taken

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