Stop Mass Shootings

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Everyone wants to know an answer to how people can stop mass shootings and there are many things that can be changed to help stop these senseless killings from happing in the future. Some ways of stopping these mass shootings would be trained and armed citizens, by keeping ammunition in the hands of citizens for their protection and making stricter background checks. It is a proven fact that a citizen armed and trained can be effective in a hostile situation whether it is robbery, home invasion or in a store during an argument. An armed and trained citizen would stop many of the mass shootings that happen; for instance, the night club shooting in Florida that happened in 2016. This was a targeted place by the shooter that he had scoped out…show more content…
A halt could be put on a lot of this by just tightening up loopholes in the system of buying guns and making stricter background checks when buying guns and clips to go in people’s guns; especially large round magazines or clips. Making stricter background checks will make mass shootings a lot less likely. If the criminal gets someone else to buy the gun for them, the person buying it might not do it for the criminal because he knows he is more likely to get caught now with the stricter background checks. As of now, under Federal Law, you only have to do background checks on people that buy a firearm if they buy it through a dealer. You can buy a gun offline or at a gun show or a private individual without having to get anything. (Richards, Paragraph 4) With the system being like this it leaves for a lot of loopholes for the criminals and their helpers to get through to purchase a gun. Stricter background checks in gun shows and online websites would make for a safer gun buying experience because a person will know who is getting the gun that is being sold. The people that do not want this, say it is harder for them and takes more time to go through the process of getting a gun, but if they know they have a clean record then what do they have to lose? A stricter background check should not affect anybody but the bad people and criminals that do not have any business with guns anyway. In a separate study, “Webster found that firearm-related homicides in Connecticut dropped 40 percent after the state adopted a 1995 law that required anyone seeking to buy a handgun to apply for a permit with the local police, complete at least eight hours of safety training, and be 21 years old.” (Richards, Paragraph 6) this system could spread across the whole country and work to help keep guns out of criminal’s hands and to stop
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