Stop Police Brutality Essay

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A dark-skinned child was playing in a playground peacefully, when an officer thought the kid was doing something bad and shot him with no hesitation. The officer was later fired but the child’s family members were never going to see him again after what the officer did. By seeing the police brutality on the news, shootings without hesitation, I want to research and show people how bad this problem really is since lots of innocent people are getting beat by police force, even worse, getting shot or severely injured. Along with the racism in this situation, since the officers responsible for this are mostly aiming at innocent african americans. When I was looking through information on different websites, I made some questions to ask myself.…show more content…
One solution for this problem is to teach officers how to confront them before taking fire. For example, The Los Angeles Police Department have been trying to stop the deadly numbers of encounters by training officers to confront before firing. Another solution is using this some sort of hard marble ball that launches at the person when officer is trying to shoot, hurting the person but not killing them. It could be helpful for less lives being lost. But, that’s just a bit of information on how we can stop police brutality. There are lots of solutions that can be used by police departments that have some officers using force without…show more content…
If the problem starts getting even worse, more people will get hurt by police without a reason. If someone is walking peacefully and an officer confronts them and takes them to jail for no reason, that’s no good. And some solutions we can use are little marbles that fire first than actual bullets so less deaths can be caused without hesitation. This is a major problem that could spread to countries and continents, and us as people who are against it should try to stop it. Anyone who is against police brutality should write a letter to the lawmakers to make a law to prevent officers from going to brutality without
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