Stop Smoking Research Paper

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Chapter 4: Stopping Smoking
1. How can I stop smoking?
You will need all the help you can get. It can be a difficult process. Different people need different levels of help and support when they stop smoking. Studies have shown that the success rate is higher for those who are given regular emotional and medical support simultaneously. Be courageous and positive. You need a plan before you begin. Make a plan and stick to it. Avoid delays and excuses. Please read below for more information.

2. Why should I have a plan or a list of reasons to stop smoking?
If you have a plan and a purpose, you are definitely more likely to succeed. If you are prepared before the craving for a cigarette comes, then you are more likely to be able to overcome
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Emotional support plays a pivotal role. Spouses and family members should avoid constant pestering or nagging of smokers, as this may have a negative effect. Being understanding of, patient with, supportive of, and encouraging to your loved one is probably one of the most important factors in helping him or her to quit the habit. It is not entirely the smoker’s fault that he or she is unable to quit smoking. Nicotine in cigarettes is addictive. Much patience is required to help a person to overcome an…show more content…
I have personally seen and heard about many successful cases over the years which cannot be explained scientifically. While I was working in the United Kingdom, one teenager shared that prayer helped his father, who was a gambler and a heavy smoker. The son described how he seldom saw his father when he was little. The dad used to have dark teeth and poor oral hygiene because of smoking. He was about to divorce his wife, and the entire family was in severe turmoil. This teenager explained how God changed his father’s life completely. After persistent prayer and support from various people, the father decided to quit smoking without using any nicotine replacement products. When he succeeded after a few weeks, the family testified that they had finally gained back a father and a husband. He had given up smoking and gambling without looking back. This in itself is a miracle. Smokers who have tried to quit smoking will know how difficult it is to stay away from cigarettes. Like this man, I believe in a God who performs miracles, even though I believe in science
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