Stop Smoking Persuasive Essay

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Stop Smoking Across The World
Why are people all over the earth choosing to smoke? The nicotine inside of a cigarette is causing people’s brains to be addicted to cigarettes. Smoking is causing humans die earlier in life, and not only that, but it is affecting other people in the world who do not smoke. Smoke is all over Earth. Smoke comes out of buildings when there is a fire tearing the building down, or when fire is being used to cook food. People should not be inhaling smoke, since it is the same thing that can destroy a building. Scientists are currently finding ways for people to quit smoking, but it is a struggle, which is why the need to inform people of how bad smoking is needs to be enforced more and more every day. Smoking is a huge global problem because of the damage it is doing to the inside of the body, and people’s health rates are going down yearly, so this worldwide problem needs to be stopped.
Smoking is affecting the lives of people day by day, and it is in a horrible way. It is found by scientists that, “Smoking is linked to about 438,000 deaths each year in the United States.” Smoking is causing people to act weird because of the way the smoke is affecting people 's brains. Previously a smoker, Tara McMurtry, started smoking at age 17. She continued to smoke a pack a day for 16 years after she started. McMurtry states that she started smoking from, "Peer pressure. Plus, my mom and dad were divorcing, so I was angry and acting out." (38). The reason

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