Stop Smoking Program In Self-Talk Research Paper

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Chapter 7 - Setting up Your Stop Smoking Program in Self Talk and Positive Reflections Smoking is a nasty habit. Not only does your mate kiss an ashtray, your insides start to turn black gradually and the arteries will harden. Smoking is something we want to avoid at all costs. Therefore, we have to learn how to set up our stop smoking program through self-talk and positive reflections. Self-talk is an effective self-therapy strategy that trains the conscious and unconscious mind to either cease or start doing something. Self-talk enables you to adjust your behaviors for the better. Self-talk involves cognitions, which you will learn to endorse and identify your maladaptive and to challenge your illogical thinking. In addition, you learn to…show more content…
Self-talk gives you new insight. You gain encouragement by understanding the underneath reasons behind your actions. The dynamics and assumptions you gain insight of will help you explore your subconscious mind by finding new cognitions and motivation. Your behaviors you will review, as well as you attitudes, beliefs, feelings, etc. As you move along likely, you will find causes behind why you smoke. This will help you by allowing you to accept. Once you accept you will find willpower to stop. Using affirmatives, self-talk and at times role-play you can adjust your life by making new changes. Changes you will see in a new light. Rather than think of changes as a burden you will feel a boost in development to new adaptive abilities, skills, cognitions, behaviors, etc. you will find it easier to deal with friends, family or other folks around you. Once you see ways to make changes. Start reinforcing these changes by self-talking your way through the processes. Use positive underpinning choices regarding your behavioral patterns. You will see your cognitions in view. Using rein forcers move to challenge resistance. Use resistance in a way that you can conquer the impediments to improve and change

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