Stop Snitching

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Martin Luther King writes, “ To accept injustice or segregation passively is to say to the oppressor that his actions are morally right.” When it happens it allows the perpetrator to believe what they had done can happen again. Stop snitching is a short term for not wanting to be told on. King would view the stop snitching campaign as a way to hide problems that could be fixed with help. It is believed by people in many African American that call the police is a way of hurt the people of the community, and that the person being told on shouldn’t get punished. It would be hard for people in the community to try and stop the movement of stop snitching, because of the relationship the people have with the police. The relationship is a rocky one. The community feels they cannot trust the police for many harsh punishments they direct towards the african american community. In hindsight the perpetrator is the cause of the true problems. They are the only ones that don’t want anyone to tell on them. If they were not causing any problems there wouldn’t be a awkard…show more content…
The first way is to be acquiesce. Acquiesung is understandable because it doesnt lead to any altercations. It is wrong because your in circumstances that are detrimental, and choose to not try to fight out. The second way is to resort to physical violence, which is a brutal way of getting what you want. Violence is wrong because it doesn’t fix the real problem it only disguises it. It is also wrong because it may beat the man physically down, but it won’t change how he understands. The last way is through nonviolent resistance. Nonviolent resistance brings the best of acquiescence and of violence. It grabs the nonviolent aspect of acquiescence, but not the conforming. It then grabs the objecting of oppression, but not the destruction. By combining those methods you have a appropriate way of fighting
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