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Stop the Hate Throughout any person’s life, they will face some form of bigotry. Many will experience this discrimination directed toward themselves but most will experience the injustice from a bystander’s perspective. As a white male living in an upper-middle-class suburb, predominantly populated with other white people, nearly all of the discrimination that I face comes from the bystander’s perspective. Every athlete has heard the different stereotypes about which race is better at which sport. As a basketball player on a team consisting mainly of white players, racism is prevalent often when playing teams consisting of different races. With one look, the prejudiced players will think they know whether or not the team will win based on the color of the other team’s skin. This prejudice transitions from on the court to off and leads to many people believing the popular, yet false stereotypes. While most people know better than to utter any racial slurs, I have heard more than a few during my years in the locker room. Progress has been shown as most often time someone will reprimand the bigoted person; in times where someone does not though, I worry for the ignorance of the speaker.
In my experience living in a white suburb, most of the people are extremely ignorant to the atrocious things that are happening
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The way that this generation acts upon the injustice will determine whether or not races will clash against each other for the rest of time or if they will learn to not only respect each other’s differences but embrace the differences as well. The fight against prejudice will go on for the rest of time as there will always be people that will believe these prejudices, but the important part about the fight is that each person does their part to make sure that their friends and loved ones learn the meaning of

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