Stop The Sun Character Analysis

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Leadership is a hard trait to have, so when a person becomes a leader, it either messes with their emotions and goes to their head, or shows the good that is really within you and this might not go well when if you aren't the leader nobody can. This happened in the stories “Hunger” by Michael Grant and “Stop The Sun” by Gary Paulsen. In both stories, the main characters (Sam from “Hunger” and Terry from “Stop The Sun”) become leaders based on what they learned and how they solve the problems in the plot. When Sam becomes a leader, he gains respect from others and he is always expected to do everything right, because of this Sam becomes irritated more easily which brings out the worst in him when people talk to him. When Terry becomes a leader…show more content…
In this short story, Terry’s father was in the Vietnam War, and now he has vietnam syndrome. His father having this sickness frequently embarrasses him. But the problem is that Terry knows nothing about the sickness and whenever he asks his mother about it she tells him nothing. This got him interested he researched about it but he never found the answers he was looking for. So he got up the courage to ask his father. For example, “Terry was still in back of him, and he nodded, but he didn't see. Not that. He understood only that he didn't understand and that he would probably never know what it was really like, would probably never understand what had truly happened. And maybe his father would never be truly normal...But it was a start.”(Paulsen pg 6) This quote shows that even though Terry learned what happened to his father, he still didn't fix the problem. But it did give him the information that he needs to help him to be better in the future. So he involuntarily got all the power he needed to help his father. This was the correct way to deal with a problem, in a time of need, understand others and try to help them, no matter how much research or effort it
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