Stop The Sun Figurative Language Analysis

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Mary Oliver once said “Figurative language can give shape to the difficult and the painful. It can make visible and ‘felt’ that which is invisible and ‘unfeelable’.” Authors use figurative language in order to set the tone and mood for the story. In the stories “The Treasure of Lemon Brown” by Walter Dean Myers, and “Stop the sun” by Gary Pulser, the authors use figurative language to develop the characters and tone. In “The Treasure of Lemon Brown” the author uses figurative language to develop the characters and the tone of the story. In the story the author uses similes to describe the tone in the sentence “His father’s words like the distant thunder that now echoed….” This helps the reader identify the father’s personality to be loud and argumentative, also his words are described as echoing letting the reader infer…show more content…
First, in the story the author uses figurative language techniques such as metaphors by saying “His mother seemed to try to protect him, as if his father could break.” This is exaggerating his father’s emotions and that he cannot actually break and that his emotions are not in a stable place and he could lose control of them. The author uses similes when saying “He was crying, looking terrified, his breath coming in short, hot pants like some kind of hurt animal.” This shows how scared he was that he could not fully finish breathing making him pant like a dog. Also when he was on the ground, he was terrified causing him to hyperventilate. Finally, the author uses similes in the story when they say “and suddenly his voice flowed like a river breaking loose.” This is used to show that he was preparing himself to tell an important event, story and then he let loose and went on and on about this one event. Using figurative language in stories helps the reader to better visualize the characters and to feel the tone when
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