Stop Ticketing The Homeless Analysis

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Summary: Advocates petition on police officers to stop giving tickets and arresting the Homeless of Downtown San Diego. On Tuesday January 3, 2017 advocates garden 1100 signatures to stop the unfair treatment to people who leave on the streets of San Diego. until housing solution gets resolve. They also demanded solutions to stop the increase of homelessness. For the past two years people who live on the streets has increased instead of declining. Martha Sullivan from The Women Occupy San Diego, stated that six years ago they was more affordable housing than what they have today.The cofounder of the choir, Steph Johnson, who was also present, talk about the homeless shelters and the small communities they have created to protect one another from the unfairly…show more content…
What happened that they ended living on the streets?... When I decided to major in Social Work I had a passion to learn, help and work with the homeless. But, then I realize that is not only “helping” it’s providing them with the proper resources that they need assistance with and also making sure they want the assistance. Many of the homeless who live in the street suffer from addictions and mental disorders which can probably be one of the reasons why is somewhat difficult to help them. I used to work with a psychiatrist, most of our patients were homeless. One of the things I notice was that it was very difficult for them to comply with the instructions of their control medication. I remember some of the patients were verbally aggressive to the Doctor because her drug test came back positive and through the state of california Doctor are not allowed to prescribe medication to the patient. I really enjoy reading this article. I like how there are people who have the heart to advocate for the people who live in the streets and are being unfairly ticket and

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