Stopping By Woods On A Snowing Evening Analysis

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With regards to Robert Frost’s creation, the poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowing Evening” is an overlapping of a series of conceptual metaphors at global and local scale that conceptualize Death as a JOURNEY TO A FINAL DESTINATION, a SLEEP, a DEPARTURE, a REST. At the literal level the poem describes a man on his journey that stops by some woods covered in winter decorum and is tempted to halt his journey for a while. However, even if he is exhausted and wishes to fall asleep, the traveler remembers that he has obligations and responsibilities that he cannot abandon. Thus, on the literal level the speaker has a long trip home, however the metaphorical level suggests that the “miles to go” means life; while his desire to “sleep” stands for death. The world-weary speaker is tired of life and things only death could give him peace and rest that would be “lovely, dark, and deep” Still, it is too early for him to depart as he has not fulfilled all his duties. The poem explores different slots from …show more content…

Thus, the poem reveals a suicidal contemplation creating the image of a tired person in a lethargic state who wishes to die but he cannot because of his commitments to society. The overlapping of conceptual metaphors in the poem “Acquainted with the Night” activates the general metaphor: DEATH IS GOING TO A FINAL DESTINATION. The speaker is the traveler, walking along the city lane is his journey, while he looked at the path that was already walked he is ready for his last farewell, he is done with all the distance that was meant for him and is about to cross the line from light to darkness, from the state of life to the state of death. The journey itself is like an inevitable mechanism in which the human being is condemned to walk and walk until the death’s

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