Stopping Racial Stereotypes

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First of all, my first lesson is how to developing content. This is an extremely important part in the process of writing a well-developed essay where it helps the readers to understand what the writers trying to prove in the essay. In order to do that, all these supporting points and ideas are needed to be clear and understandable and support the thesis. Throughout the process of writing in ESL 273, I learn the method PIE method where using Point out, Illustrate, and Explain. I didn’t learn this directly in the class but I learn it through peer review with my fellow classmates. At the beginning of the class, any paragraph that I did not present textual evidence, my paragraph is lacking evidence to support my claim. According to the “Technology Addiction” essay in the 4th paragraph I claim, “Humans have enough strength and ability to do this job, therefore, we don’t have to be too depending on the technology.” This sentence certainly does not fully explain why robots will replacing manual processes because of technology. I only give the fact that humans have enough strength but not how can they do it. However, my strength in these ideas has improved much better than.
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