Persuasive Essay On Stopping School Shootings

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Stopping School Shootings
School shootings must be stopped. And the easiest way to prevent them is to prepare. Students are unprepared. Teachers are unprepared. Even the schools are unprepared. The only person that is prepared is the shooter. How should schools prepare? How can schools prepare? Is there a way to prevent this crime?
Unprepared teachers and students make easy targets. It is a fact, which school shooters know. So, in order to prevent school shootings, schools must prepare students to either escape the facility, hide from the attacker, or attack the shooter in case of such an emergency. 6 states already require “active shooter drills”, drills styled after school shootings to prepare students in case of such emergency. These drills have raised controversy, with parents and students saying that the drills “break their heart” or make them “feel
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What should schools do? Intruder drills and guidance counselors are definitely ways to prevent a student shooter, but what about outsiders? Gun control could help prevent both a student going into a school and shooting and an outsider doing the same thing, but it would be less effective on student shooters, given the fact that many student shooters did not buy their own guns. But an unaffiliated shooter would probably have to buy their own guns, as if a shooter has no relation with the school they would probably be living on their own as an adult. They probably wouldn’t have their parents firearms with them. Other ways to prevent shootings could include better mental care, or to not mention the shooter in media reports. Schools themselves could be designed better, for example, two or more exits for one room, in case a shooter is outside one exit. Moveable desks or tables used to blockade a door may also be another addition. Whatever the case might be, anything that could be used to hinder the shooter would be a welcome addition to many

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