Stopping School Shootings

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Stopping School Shootings Justin(#25) School shootings must be stopped. And the easiest way to prevent them is to prepare. Students are unprepared. Teachers are unprepared. Even the schools are unprepared. The only person that is prepared is the shooter. How should schools prepare? How can schools prepare? Is there a way to prevent this crime? Unprepared teachers and students make easy targets. It is a fact, which school shooters know. So, in order to prevent school shootings, schools must prepare students to either escape the facility, hide from the attacker, or attack the shooter in case of such an emergency. 6 states already require “active shooter drills”, drills styled after school shootings to prepare students in case of such emergency. These drills have raised controversy, with parents and students saying that the drills “break their heart” or make them “feel nauseous”. For some states, these drills start in preschools all the way to high school. For 18 of the 50 states in America however, lockdowns are not required. Some citizens don’t think the “active shooter drills” help, but experts say the drills will be extremely helpful in exercising student preparedness. Others say that the best way is to stop a shooting recognize the students that need emotional or mental help and get a guidance counselor or school psychologist to help them, since many shooters had emotional or mental problems before their rampages. Most shooters were also students who attended or used to
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