Grain Storage Research Paper

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Grains are source for complete diet of people. It contains carbohydrates, protein, fat, fibre and minerals. It supplies all necessary nutrients required for human body. After harvesting the grain storage is necessary for increasing its shelf life and use for future use. During storage, grain quality is losing both quantitatively and qualitatively. Loss of grain quality during storage is causing both in physical and economical loss. Storage loss occurs due to many reasons, among that fungal and insect pests are causing problem (Jilani and Saxena, 1990). Every year, these pests are causing significant economic damage to the grain in every year. In order to kill and control these pests, fumigation is being done to the grains during storage.…show more content…
Super heated steaming is effective for decontamination of spices before grinding (Moisan et al., 2001; Schweiggert et al., 2007). However, steaming is expensive and causes undesirable changes to the product and product get re-contaminated after grinding. High-intensity microwaves have a clear insecticidal effect during sterilization, but it also affects food quality (Vadivambal et al., 2007). Low-intensity microwave radiation (LIMR; 2.0 kW/kg) was used to kill T.castaneum during storage and inhibit mold due to it have claimed that little effect on food quality (Vadivambal et al., 2007; Wang et al., 2003; Zhao et al., 2007). UV treatment has not effective in inhibit the microbes effectively due to the lack of penetration and strong dependence of distance from the UV source (Fine and Gervais, 2004; Sharma et al., 2009; Song et al., 2009). Gamma irradiation between 2 and7 kGy has shown to effectively decontaminate various spices (Farkas, 1998). Owing to public fear and the legal regulation for the products treated by irradiation or those containing any irradiated ingredients, irradiation is unpopular in some countries. For food industry, there is a need for alternative, non-thermal and residue-free system for processing food in order to replace traditional chemical and thermal treatments. Cold plasma is an altenative of both chemical and thermal

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