Store Enironment Case Study

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Store enironment Store environment is the surrounding of a store, it include many element, like lighting, music, aroma, cleanliness and the layout of a store . Store environment is an important element in retailing given that 70% of the purchase was an impulse buying or unplanned purchases" (Dunne and Lusch, 2005) Retailer acknowledge the importance and they make use of the store environment as tool to differentiate itself with other competitors. (Levy and Weitz 1995) Create a pleasant shopping atmosphere not only offer somethings different to their competitor but also influence customer purchase behavior by affecting their emotion and cognition. (Matt Drodge, 2017) H1: Store environment has significant impact on customer purchase behavior…show more content…
Lighting The lighting techniques influence the success of the retail product display, it helps highlight the architectural elements, the quality of products and creates virtual spaces which impact on the feeling of customer and their impression towards the products. (Sarah Caine,2017) Besides, as our brain receives sensory information 80% come from our eyes so it direct influence customer mood and the choice of whether to purchase or not.(Mihaly Bartha) H3: Lighting has significant impact on customer purchase intention.…show more content…
P., & Areni, C. S., 2015) Different type of music, from volume to tempo have significant impact on customer purchasing intention. Business with differ image or nature play different type of music. Playing a louder and stronger music may cause customer shop quickly and stimuli their buying behavior but create negative feeling under the clamorous environment while playing pleasant music usually associate with longer consumption time but may not stimuli customer purchase (Charles S. Areni, 1993) Company should choose the background music based on business image and target group because individuals have different perceptions and preferences. (Cupchik, Rickert, and Mendelson, 1982) H4: Music has significant impact on customer purchase intention. Temperature Retailers manipulate consumer behaviour and drive purchase intent by using temperature. Warm temperature let customer feel warmth and comfort thus may walk around the store and stay for a longer time (BEN LATHAM, 2014) However, extreme temperature create negative feeling and dissatisfaction to customer and influence their intent to purchase.(Shun Yin Lam, 2001) H5: Temperature has significant impact on customer purchase intention. H6: Extreme temperature influece customer intent to

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