Stories From The Sky Dialectical Journal

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You will now read two passages and answer the questions that follow. Some of the questions may ask you to compare the two passages.

This passage is based on a tale from the Ashanti people of Ghana. Anansi is a famous character, a spider, who often tricks others.

Passage 1

Stories from the Sky

One night, I, Anansi, looked down from my web at my people below. They had just finished a satisfying supper, but the children were crying and the adults were arguing. No one was happy. They needed something to make them feel joyful. I could see how desperately they needed stories to cheer their hearts, but there was one serious problem. All of the stories were owned by Nyan, a powerful being who lived in the sky. He kept the stories in a small box
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Then, patiently, I waited for Python. After many hours, he slithered down the path toward our village.

“Hello, good Python!” I called. “How are you this fine afternoon?”

“Say, Anansi,” hissed Python, “I am starving, and you 'd serve as a splendid snack.” He narrowed his eyes and fluttered his forked tongue.

Oh, my! I spoke quickly now, trying to stick to my plan. “My wife thinks you are shorter than this palm branch, but I think you are a magnificent Python and much longer.”

“Ridiculous Spider! Slide that branch over, and I’ll stretch alongside it,” Python hissed.

Python stretched as far as he could. “Almost!” I said, measuring Python against the branch. “You aren’t quite as long, but you are curled up a little. Let me tie you to the branch with this vine to make you as straight as can be.” Then, I quickly took the vine and tied Python tightly to the branch.

“You are indeed longer than this palm branch!” I said and began dragging Python away from the village and toward my reward.

“Stop!” hissed Python. “Set me loose!”

I ignored him and continued the journey to the house of Nyan. He was surprised that I had returned so soon with Python, but he kept his promise and presented me with the box of
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