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have some extra money. People have always given out of their excess; only the resource has changed. So, the principle remains the same. The value expressed in this story is called many different things: altruism, karma, the Golden Rule, and the list goes on. But the principle is the same: giving is important. This truth is timeless. This value is also universal, because generosity is important in every society. If we do not think of other people, their rights are not protected and the rules of society quickly start to break down. What makes this story so effective is that it conveys the value in only a few sentences. Whereas a book on truth might contain hundreds or thousands of pages, this story is easy to listen to and easy to absorb. The…show more content…
Instead of stepping forward, courage is the strength to hold back. When someone is verbally attacked, it takes a great deal of strength to not fight back and make the situation worse. Often, the courageous thing to do is to walk away and de-fuse the situation. “Stories We Tell” is an excellent example of the second type of courage. This film gives a glimpse into the life of another family, a family that has some very close secrets. The point of the movie is to convey the importance of family, friends, and loyalty in life. These values have a great deal of meaning to us. After all, no one would dispute that these things are important, even though “family” means different things to different people. In the United States, a “family” once meant a married man and woman who had never been married to anyone else before and their pure biological children. Today, less than half of American children live in such an environment. Instead, most households consist of children who live with step-parents, single parent households, children living with their grandparents, and so on. As another example, in many foreign countries, a “family” means an extended family of parents, children, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and other relatives all living together in one
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