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The Omaha Storm Chasers are a Minor League Baseball team founded just outside of Omaha, Nebraska in the city of Papillion. Due to the Storm Chasers being located in a high population, such as Omaha, the team can interest a larger community of fans that most Minor League teams can’t do. This outstanding Minor League team is affiliated as the Triple-A organization for none other than the defending World Series champions the Kansas City Royals, and has been affiliated with the Royals since 1969, giving the fans of the Royals a team to cheer for in Nebraska. The Storm Chasers play their games at the beautiful Werner Park, a place that provides wholesome entertainment and quality baseball games for the thousands of fans watching. This ballpark can hold up to 9,000 thrilled fans, also this unique park has a grass berm seating section in the outfield area, making the experience a little different than a regular ball game.
Not only being located in a great city and their unique ballpark benefits the Storm Chasers’
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This team has obtained some of the greatest players that have played the game of baseball to put on a wonderful ball game for the crowd, such as Mike Moustakas, Eric Hosmer, and George Brett. The players don’t disappoint when it comes to playing the game, by being 5th best hitting team in the league. The Storm Chasers batting performance gives something for the fans to stand on their feet for, along with their athlete defense of plays.
All these amazing things about the Storm Chasers makes the experience of one their games more delightful for the fans. From their unique ballpark and electrified crowd, to the team’s wonderful performances on the field, this is something all should experience if given the chance. A Storm Chasers game is a real place to have wholesome fun and quality form of entertainment for all to

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