Personal Narrative: The Storm That Changed My Life

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There was a storm rising, the boat began to plunge from side to side and the temperature dipped all of a sudden. We prepared for the unanticipated, brutal storm. Total darkness, clouds started to thicken and threatening lightning rises.
The wind came charging the water, creating huge mountains of waves. The waves grew colossal, as the boat was riding up and down the sea. The mighty ocean beneath my feet was creating huge waves in every direction and taking the boat to almost tipping point. Stormy clouds began to roll in. It was covering every last ray of light and the thunder crackles through the air. Rain began to pour furiously and monstrous waves strike the boat. Rain was falling like stones. This storm is worse than any I can recall, rain
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The boat goes forcefully into the sand knocking us over and we slide across the deck of the boat as the boat tips and we lie there in agony. We weren’t too badly injured and just some bruises and cuts. I stand up and look around which seems to be an isolated island which put us in a huge dilemma, I wasn’t too worried and thought we can contact emergency services and everything would be back to normal, but it wasn’t that easy. Any chance of communication was destroyed. The boat radio device was destroyed. We stay calm as we had enough food for the journey for a few days. I realize how doomed we are I just lie down on the sand. I think to myself that no one will find me and I would never escape. There was no escape.
The first 24 hours were the worst. We had no hope for survival and just lay down on the sand. Silently. Then we realized if we wanted to survive we had to team up and we could get through all of this. We had come this far and could not give up. We split jobs between each other and in a few hours we had made a pretty decent camp. It was good enough to survive the night. As it was cold, the shelter helped a lot. We had food but only enough for a few days so we ate very little
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