Storm King Mountain Summary

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Experiencing 3 Deaths “Norman Maclean writes that dying in a forest fire is actually like experiencing three deaths” (Junger 563). Sebastian Junger an author/journalist mostly known for “The perfect storm” conveyed his point of view in BLOWUP: WHAT WENT WRONG AT STORM KING MOUNTAIN. In this nonfiction journal entry, a wildfire broke loose on Storm King Mountain in Colorado on July 6th, 1994. Where 14 firemen tragically gave their lives fighting in a combination of rare weather and nature conditions. Junger presented Chronological order, a text structure to provide evidence of lives protected by evacuating at the exact time they did. Specifically Junger illustrates “Around 3:30 Haugh and his swamper--a sawyer’s helper who flings the cut brush off the fire line-were finishing their break when their crew boss announced they were pulling out” (562). In this excerpt the writer revealed the importance of the time they started heading back to ridgetop for their safety. Equally important the novelist demonstrated “About four-thirty Haugh, Erickson, and Hipke…show more content…
Also utilizing syntax and diction, rhetorical devices. Although in a few sections Junger emphasised a bit too much on facts of the fire when the focus was on the blaze. Jungers language sustained the reader's interest by providing evidence of the fire on Battle Mesa Mountain, specifically how the 2 fires were similar. Jungers personal views were present by him stating “Despite rigorous conditions” (565). “By the time the Prineville nine and the three smokers jumpers with them saw the horror coming-- by the time great sheets of flame hit the dry Gambel oak and frantic voices over the radio screamed at them to run--they had only twenty seconds to live. They must have died in a state of bewildered almost as great as their fear”
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