Storm Shield Meteorology Essay

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"Good evening, Valparaiso. I 'm storm shield meteorologist Jacob Van Horn here with a look at your forecast." Ever since Jake was in grade school, he knew that he wanted to be a meteorologist. However, it wasn 't until high school that he realized his dream could truly become reality. Jake 's interest in weather began when he first watched the movie "Twister," a collection of National Geographic documentaries provided by his school. With an abundance of hard work and dedication, Jake is working towards earning his bachelor 's degree in meteorology and achieving his dream of becoming a meteorologist. Since Jake has always been an admirer of the weather, severe storms always brought him a thrill. His interest in weather peaked after an F-4…show more content…
Since he is the assistant weather director, he must give a live forecast on the campus television station once a month. Creating his own forecasts has taught him how much work the local weathermen put into their jobs. Although Jake has said, "I dislike forecasting," many of his fans believe he does an amazing job. His viewers leave comments on his videos such as, "Great job. Love your broadcasting voice!" and "Good job! You will make a great meteorologist one day soon." Jake 's forecast may sound great, but most people do not realize how much work goes into each three minute video. The amount of data a meteorologist analyzes depends on what is happening with the weather. In nice, sunny weather, one might look to see when the next weather system is going to come and how temperatures are going to vary since there is no precipitation to forecast. However, in the case of severe weather, there are several things to look at, such as moisture, the amount of energy in the air, and any shear, which is the change in wind direction or speed as one moves higher in the atmosphere. This is used to detect rotation. The amount of time spent creating a forecast also depends upon what is happening. When a snow storm or severe event is likely, it will take much longer to make a prediction than when one is forecasting sunny
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