Stormbreaker: A Fictional Narrative

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Hyrra was wandering back towards the dorms after a fairly tame training session when she was accosted by Brey, “Hey! What are you doing?”
Hyrra narrowed her eyes at the other, “… going back to my room?” Something about Brey’s demeanor seemed off.
Brey fidgeted a little bit, “I don’t know how else to ask you except to be direct… Dr. Lardsen and I were wondering if you would help us with our research.”
Hyrra’s eyebrows raised, “Research? What kind of research?”
“On the Dragon Slayers… only you and Thrain have seen them face-to-face, and Thrain is really busy…”
“I guess I could help… though I don’t know what information I can offer. I only met a few and didn’t learn that much.”
Brey smiled brightly, “That’s okay! You’d be surprised what kind
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Lardsen’s jaw clench, Hyrra frowned, “Sir, how do you know so much about the Dragon Slayers?”
“I’ve done my research.” He said evasively, not looking up at her.
“That question though… about the weapons? That was pretty specific.”
The teacher took off his glasses and cleaned them, “I suppose it can’t hurt to tell the truth… I’m originally from a Northern tribe. One that no longer exists.”
Brey looked at him, “Because of the Dragon Slayers?”
He nodded, “… I know I told you that the Dragon Slayers disappeared dozens of years ago, and they did, but when I was about eight they returned to the far north. My clan suffered gravely because of it. The gas they use is actually Zippleback gas that has been purified into a hyper-potent asphyxiant… it chokes anything that breathes it from the inside.” Poor Stormbreaker. “The hooked spear you mentioned is one of their prized weapons, they call it a Bill. It can be used without the net when the goal is to kill a dragon versus just capturing it. Which they generally prefer. The Dragon Slayers have almost zero tolerance for dragons. Unless they’re dead.” He slipped his glasses back onto his
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Lardsen jumped up and retrieved a large book, he seemed to have returned to his normal self very quickly, “This ‘Stoneheart’ individual worries me greatly.” He dropped the book on the desk, “Stoneheart may not be their actual clan name… but if it is we might be able to figure out from where they originated with this book. My predecessor, at this school, compiled a book of known clans and where they come from.” They flipped through the book, going straight to the ‘S’s but found little, there was a ‘Stoneheart’ clan but they had been totally extinct for a hundred years and came from the eastern shores. “Well then… that leaves us with nothing other than a nickname. We don’t even know the face of our
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