Creative Writing: Stormwind

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Times were good, prosperity was going through Stormwind, and throughout the human kingdom. It's been a long time since any harm or foul creatures have roamed the human realm. Forest's were lush and spring was breezing through the lands. The night was slowly running through the forest of Elwynn. The twilight had a purple glow this very night. In between great trees and forest leafs, a little gathering was. A squad of foot soldiers was stationed here. A weak bonfire was going. Around the fire was tree silhouettes and as the fire grew larger their faces came out of the darkness. "... I tell you this Erekon" the dwarven master Gar said with a slight rattling "It's been a long time since I've seen folk like this around here" he stroked his hand…show more content…
"Why is literally everything wet" Aaron angrily mumbled to himself. "Heh, you know what I mean!" Gar hissed. "These folk we've seen from Westfall lately. You havn't seen 'em?" Erekon replied startled by his weak observation skills "No", Aaron kept blowing into the embers. "Westfall have been a good place for many years now. There has been no need for sending guards that way, the danger was always from south. Damned be those woods. I tell you our King, long live Anduin first of his name, has been neglecting Westfall. And then these folk started just marching into Westfall and occupied Moonbrook" Gar passionately said. "Easy there Gar, it's not nice to question our king." Erekon said as he gazed upon the fire which was finally going. "Do you disagree, am I wrong?"Gar pointed angrily towards…show more content…
"Get them off me!" he yelled. Gar looked strangely at him and then remembered Erekon's phobia of dead thing and started laughing and started skinning the rabbits for breakfast. Aaron looked at Gar "where did the hunt take you this morning?" being precise with his words. "I was hunting north of the Stonefield farm." Gar paused "there was something strange about that place I tell you." He peaked the interest of the two others "As I started going towards the northern part of the farm I expected being greeted by the locals. But I saw no one. All I saw was the livestock, cows, chicks, horses, but not a single person was to be found." Aaron threw the rabbits on the grill and they started sizzling. "What do you mean: No one?" he asked. "Just like I said Aaron, no one. It's like they all just vanished from the face of the earth. No footprints, no sign of there ever was anyone." Aaron sent a crooked smile at Gar "Why dont you tell it to the captain then." trying to end the conversation. "I've already done that, but all he said was that we should keep focusing on our task at
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