Story Analysis: Black Flowers By Yo La Tengo

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16) Black Flowers - Yo La Tengo ‘Honey, you don't have to stay inside, don't have to run, don't have to hide Come and dry your eyes’ After May was born, Aminata continued working in the print shop for McArdle. A woman by the name of Mrs. Alverna Witherspoon offered Aminata a job working at her house; she was to clean and run errands for four days a week. Over time, Aminata grew to trust the Witherspoons. One night, on the way back to Birchtown, riots had broken out in the streets. Aminata and May were invited to stay with the Witherspoons until the rioting stopped. Once it calmed down again, Aminata left May in the car of the Witherspoons and left for Birchtown to check on the damages to their home. When Aminata returned home, the Witherspoons
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