Story Analysis: Sweat By Delia Jones

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In the story Sweat by Delia Jones was a women who was married to a man who was abusive and has been cheating on her with a woman named Bertha. During the story Sykes –Delia’s husband-takes all of the matches in the house and brings home a rattle snake to make Delia leave the house but one night the rattle snake was in Delia’s clean clothes basket and when Delia saw the snake she ran out of her house into the barn where she slept for the night. The next morning Sykes finally comes home from a night at Bertha’s house and he thinks the snake has killed Delia but Sykes gets scared and tries to kill the snake himself but ends up getting killed by the snake but long beholds that the snake never did kill her and when Delia walks through the house to find where Sykes was laying now the ground Sykes knew that Delia knew he was trying to kill her. But the big question is should Delia be held accountable at…show more content…
In the beginning of the story there was a quote that stated, “Naw, now Syke, don’t keep dat thing ‘roun heah tuh skeer tuh death. You knows Ah’m even feared uh earth worms. Thass de biggest snake Ah evah did see. Kill ‘im Syke, please.” (189) if Delia could not handle earth worms then she could not have handled a snake which brings me to my other quote, “There lay the snake in the basket! He moved sluggishly at first, but even as she turned round and round, jumped up and down in an insanity of fear, he began to stir vigorously. She saw him pouring his awful beauty from the basket upon the bed, then she seized the lamp and ran as fast as she could to the kitchen. The wind from the open door blew out the light and the darkness added to her terror. She sped to the darkness of the yard, slamming the door after her before she thought to set down the lamp. She did not feel safe even on the ground, so she climbed up in the hay barn.”
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