Story Of A Black Immigrant From A Shithole Country By Karla Thomas Analysis

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Every year, a million new immigrants come to the United States. They bring their cultures and their dreams to come here to make them come true. This country is known as the land of hope and freedom. But right now, immigrants’ dreams are affected by discrimination, especially black immigrants. This is the twenty-first century, but people still treat other people based on people’s color. In the article " Story of a Black Immigrant from a Shithole Country," Karla Thomas presents her own story to give a different look towards immigrants of color. First, Thomas explains the discrimination she faced because of her immigration status. Moreover, Thomas discusses the limited job opportunities for a visa worker, which impacted her and her family negatively. However, Thomas explains that she was able to focus on her life, and now she wants to bring attention to the idea that immigrants of color can also succeed. The problem is how hard all immigrants in general and the immigrants of color to have a chance to come to the United States to study and work with a limited offer. The problem can be solved if this country changes to the merit-system, like Canada, to collect talented people from all over the world.
The article demonstrates the problem of discrimination against immigrants of color, which has been happening in the United States for a long time. It is hard for the immigrants of color to become employees and find a job. Thomas found the job in her field and improved her

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