A Girl: A Short Story Of A Girl

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Let me tell you the story of a particular girl.
At twelve years old, her dream was pure. She wished for her father to never have abandoned her and her brother, and for her mother to be there when she most needed her. It is the childish dream that most kids her age have when their parents are divorced. Still, it was important for her. However, happiness, just like most things in this world, require a sacrifice. And that is something she learned soon enough.
One night, she heard strange noises coming from the first floor of the small run-down house. Something kicked in her gut. She was quick, and approached the staircase as fast as she could. Just when she was about to put her foot on the step, her mother appeared with messy hair and a dark spot in the forehead. She told the girl to take her brother and run away through the back door. The image of her mother in such a state gave out a scary feeling that pushed the girl into believing something serious was happening. So the girl run to her brother, woke him up, and took him to the back door. The little kid was outside only wrapped in a blanket. Just when the girl stepped outside, she heard a shot. They didn’t say goodbye to her mother.
The girl didn’t came back to the house the next day, or the following days. She didn’t come back ever
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The girl said they were waiting for someone. In the living room, there was an old man sitting in a chair. He asked the kids if they had eaten something. The girl said no and looked at the door. Just when the girl answered, her little brother’s stomach grunted. The smell of the house had opened up his appetite. The woman said it was no good to lie, and she gave the children some food. A few minutes later, the brother had fallen sleep on a sofa. The woman told the girl they could stay the night, but the next morning she had to tell the truth. Before the lights went off, the girl saw strange things through the door of a room. It seemed like a sword and some other
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