Story Of An Hour Tone Analysis

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How would you describe the tone of each story?

In the "Story of an Hour" the tone contains melancholy and irony because when the doctor believes she is going to be sad that her husband died and could possibly die from her weak heart she actually dies from shock when her husband walks in the room because she was desperate to start a new life. In the "Revolt of Mother" the tone starts off with awe and accusatory as the family finds out that the father is building a barn. The father exhibits a callous tone as he pertains to the old tradition that men are in charge and women are expected to follow mens orders and keep to house work.

• What rhetorical strategies assist the writers in achieving that tone? Explain.

The "Story of an Hour" contains
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Alliteration is used through the constant sounds in multiple sentences through out the story, for example, "Smell of growing grass and unseen blossoms", "brown-bread and baked beans and a custard pie". Also similes were used such as, "A pretty girl's face, pink and delicate as a flower." The writer also conveyed oxymoron by comparing the husbands manners as "defiantly apologetic" or the daughters face full of a "gentle distress." Throughout the story many onomatopoeias were spoken of such as clattered and slapped.

• Do you see any elements of satire in either of the stories? Explain.

In the "Story of an Hour" the author uses dramatic irony as a form of satire by making the reader believe Mrs. Mallard's heart will give out from the shock of her husbands death however it gives out when she discovers that he is not dead.
The Revolt of Mother" contains satire as the wife mocks the husbands decision to build a new barn rather than a new house like he promised. This form of satire is called parody and is used to make fun of something or someone. The author demonstrates this when the wife moves into the new barn since there will be no new house for
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