Story Of My Body Short Story

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The story of my body Written by Judith Ortiz Cofer is a biography of herself and how she had to deal with racism and gender roles. The story begins is when she born in Puerto Rico and then she moved to the United States and she speaks about the experiences she had while she was growing up. The experience she writes about is when she lived in Paterson New Jersey. There were many parts of the story which I liked and some that I disliked. There was a scene where I had strong feelings. Firstly this is a great story the parts that I liked was that it took place in Paterson a place close to my home where racism still exist. One part that I enjoyed about the story is the part when Ortiz discusses about wanting to become wonder woman. She wants to become wonder woman because she wanted to be beautiful she wanted boys to look at her to make her feel pretty which reminded me of another stories such as Barbie-Q when the two girls in the story went to go buy Barbie’s and they saw all these Barbie’s and those little girls found the idle woman. The perfect body the nice curves those girls wanted to feel pretty such as Ortiz wanted to be with wonder woman she saw her as the idle woman Ortiz wanted to be like her because she had the perfect gym body, but the reason she wanted to have the body of wonder woman is because she wants to feel beauty plus she also wants to get good grades to pass her gym class but with the accident she had when she was little with the chicken pocks did not let
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