Story Of My Life Farah Analysis

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Picking up a newspaper today is like picking up one thousand bricks. It is painful to read about the horrible, gut wrenching stories. Stories that happen to innocent civilians, and yet, their families slowly pick up the pieces and move on, leaving all wondering how. In The Story of my Life, Farah, a young girl growing up in war-torn Afghanistan loses it all. Her leg was amputated after a land mine blew up beneath her, and her father and sisters were killed after a rocket hit their house. Essentially, she had lost almost all her family before she had even hit the young age of fourteen. After moving around, and suffering many more times, Farah and her mother finally end up in America, where they slowly begin to rebuild their lives. Through it all, Farah’s faith remains strong and her message of faith and hope is clear. Her story itself is…show more content…
In many instances, sentences lack details and are void of emotions even when describing dramatic, life-altering incidents and in one emotionless instance involving the brink of life or death. With that being said although the book seems to be written in a more childlike fashion, it’s somewhat graphic content seems to be geared toward older and more advanced readers. Only furthering the confusion, the book is slightly choppy at times, with confusing and often difficult to follow sentences spread generously throughout the book.

In this tear-jerking tale, we are reminded of how much we have, and how no matter what challenges life may bring we can still pick ourselves up, and rebuild. How in one instant our lives can come crumbling down from beneath our feet yet, just like Farah, we can remain faithful throughout it all. With that being said, the dragged on self-pitying, and low vernacular leaves one question remaining is it time to re-write Farah’s
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