Story Of My Short Story

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I was born and grow up half of my life in a small rice growing village by the river bank in southern part of Burma. Most people work in the rice fields during the day, and come home before the sunset. After dinner, adults usually drink tea and eat tea salad in the living room by the candle light. During that time, my grandmother typically tells us stories to teach ethical and moral lessons. Telling stories was easy way to capture children’s attention. I will briefly describe the story and what it taught me. Once upon a time, poor orphan boy and rich boy went into the wood together to catch a deer. Poor boy set the trap under the tree and rich boy set the trap from the tree branch. Next day, rich boy got to the trap site first and saw a deer caught on poor boy’s trap. He moved the deer to this trap and went back to village to tell his friends. Poor boy went to the wood to check his trap and saw it was not in the position he left. And he saw a deer caught in the trap hanging from the tree. He immediately knew it was his deer and tried to cut off the rope. Rich boy came back with his friends and called poor boy a thief for stealing his catch. A traveling old man saw the situation and explained that a deer does not fly to be on the branch. Old man told the rich boy and his friends to maintain the integrity. That was the brief story my grandmother told me to teach integrity. In our village, there was no schools. Children were taught at the monetary. It was the main education
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