Story Of Noah Wilson Informative Speech

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Picture this. You are a six year old boy with your whole life in front of you. You have a brother and two sisters. Your mother and father are loving and only want what is best for you. You’re also very innocent and haven’t yet had to experience what real life is. Then, one day, you begin to feel pain in you bones. You don’t know what it is but it hurts. For most people, this isn’t a reality, but for Noah Wilson it was a huge part of his short life. Noah Wilson was a six year old boy when he found out that he had cancer, Ewing Sarcoma to be exact. He wasn’t sure what to think. Noah had never had to experience something so painful. His family and him were shocked to find out that he had contracted the disease. But Noah didn’t let it get the best of him. He accepted the fact that he would have to deal with cancer and he kept pushing forward. Throughout the treacherous experience, Noah realized that there were not any “fun” bandages in the hospital. The only bandages they had were boring brown ones. So, Noah decided that he would put an end to that. He founded Noah’s Bandage Project, an organization that collects and donates fun and colorful bandages to hospitals with the boring…show more content…
It’s main focus to help is children in the hospital who are down and hurting because of their disease. It provides fun bandages for kids who are depressed. The fun bandages are brightly colored and sometimes have different characters on them. Noah’s Bandage Project also helps the parents of these children. It provides the kids with the fun bandages which also calms the parents. If they know that their child is in peace and their child is good spirited then they are provided with composure. Noah’s Bandage Project both bandages and money from donations from local companies as well as individual people. It has been very helpful to children in the area. As of August 2016, the charity had reached $100K to donate to Children’s Mercy
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