Story Of The Three Little Pigs Character Analysis

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How would you act if you were a pig with a wolf waiting to eat you up?! The pigs in the famous story The Story of the Three Little Pigs had to adapt to this question in the best way possible. The first two pigs in the story were not very bright in completing this challenge and ended up being eaten by the wolf when he blew their stick and straw houses down. Then came the third pig who made his house out of bricks and ended up outsmarting the wolf in many various ways to avoid being eaten. The third pig successfully got apples, got turnips, and went to the fair by fooling the wolf. The third pig finally turned the tables when he was the one who ate the wolf. The third pig is the most admirable because he is intelligent, arrogant, and lively. First, the third pig’s intelligence is evident in his personality. The pig outsmarted the wolf by returning home safely with his turnips before the wolf went out; he says, “‘I have been and come back again, and got a nice pot-full for dinner’” (12). This demonstrates the pig’s intelligence because he thought ahead and was not fooled by the wolf’s foolish plan: to get the pig out of the house, so the wolf could…show more content…
Due to the third pig 's intelligence, arrogance, and liveliness, he is clearly the most admirable of the three. First, the pig’s intelligence is clear when he easily finds a way to get turnips against the wolf 's devious plan to get to him. Also, when the pig eats the wolf for supper it is clear that the pig is arrogant and is rubbing his victory in the wolf 's face. Finally, when the pig laughs at his tricks he has done to get away from the wolf, it is obvious that the pig is lively and feels proud of what he has done. Therefore, if you ever find yourself in a troubling situation, think about the commendable actions of the third pig and how they can
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