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Leaders A Story Teller
Leader – A Story Teller, the purpose of this topic is to address the importance of storytelling in the twenty-first century business context where the emphasis has shifted from the trainer to the learner, from the producer to the consumer and from the leader to the follower! Also, this article focuses on the human side of businesses and explains the significance of the ancient tool “storytelling” for effective and inspirational leadership. The article provides insights about how storytelling skill supports leaders in their communication. It suggests that leadership communication should focus not only in the content of the message but also the context as well. It also recommends leaders to excel at the art of metaphor
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Information in today’s world is increasing with a rapid pace and also it is freely available which decreases the value of the information. In fact, author Jim Collins writes very well about the characteristics that great leader possessed in “Great By Choice” by saying that, humility and will are the things that differentiates an ordinary leader and a great leader. This work by the author clearly shows that the leaders are not the corporate god/goddess anymore. How they tell their own stories especially the failure stories is something that shows humility in the…show more content…
It is proven by research that story is 22 times more effective than the content that we read or come across in any form. Leader is owner of the content whereas, follower is someone who is simply owner of the context. So to develop your skill as a storyteller, there should be a proper connection between content and context otherwise the story will not have an impact on follower’s mind. Another essential art that a storyteller should have is the art of metaphor. A perfect example of this will be Boxing legend Mohammed Ali. He was used to create pre-match hype and sledging on opponents. Authors George Lakoff and Mark Johnson have a clear definition about this effect. ‘‘Metaphors have the power to create new reality’’ they say and add ‘‘If a new metaphor enters the conceptual system that we base our action on, it will alter the perceptions and actions’’. Stories doesn’t have any specific format, it can be as short as one or two sentences also. Stories do have powerful viral effects which is an important aspect when it comes to leadership communication. By traditional channel one may aim at attracting thousands of people and end up getting very few but this viral channel can attract a huge number of people within no time. Storytelling also provides the advantage of taming the grapevine to both leader and the
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