Storyboarding In Animation Movies

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A STUDY ON STORYBOARD IN ANIMATION MOVIES ABSTRACT The to pic which the researcher have focused is on how storyboard plays a keen role in animation movies and how it is used in animation movies and why it is used . in this I will be showing from the feeling of storyboard and how it has been developing since years . The reason this topic was chosen was because the researcher is totally interested into art, I like a storyboard…show more content…
THE HISTORY OF STORYBOARD storyboard is a form which was started to be used and still being used by the film industry has to give out their immense respect to the original Sunday comics as they were the ones who created it. Winsor McKay 's Grete the dinosaur and Sinking of the animation made him more recognized as the true creator of the animation cartoon. Winsor showed the way or the path for Disney and others. but the form is so well known to the world today only when Walt Disney studio developed the whole process in the year 1930 's. The idea of showing a story in frame to frame drawings visually was started in the golden era when the Egyptian hieroglyphics, the cave men 's drawing depicting the cattle stampede. The Invasion of William the Conqueror of England shown with woven on linen is even now an inspiring and it can be called the starting of our art of storyboards. from the History of Animation by Charles Solomon showing the travelling magic lantern which was in the 1600 's the visual illusion of Phantasmagoria in the late 1800 's to the 2D animation cartoons like Felix the cat, Mickey mouse till the late Lion King in the 1900 's. After that was the era of wonderful 3D effect used in the films "Epic", "Turbo", "Rio", "Hotel…show more content…
This was a money maker for Walt Disney. Digital rendering a Madagascar III can be done only if you want to be full time in front of a computer. Working with great directors like Griffith, Scorsese, Fellini, Truffaut, etc can bring you great storyboard because they are the ones who need storyboard compulsorily. storyboard usage is an important tool on any project. Even if you are working in an animation or live action film, the story will be shown in a narrative sequence. Eric Sherman states in Directing the Film, "The storyboard consists of making a series of sketches where every basic scene and every camera set up within the scene illustrated. it is a visual record of the film appearance before shooting begins," In this book storyboard is described as a tool created for giving a frame by frame, shot by shot, and organizes the program for the

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