Storybook Reading Essay In A Second Language

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There are various ways for children to acquire vocabulary in a second language. One of them is through storybook reading. It is an interesting medium in which it can enhance the children’s interest in reading and at the same time facilitate them in acquiring new words. The purposes of this study are to describe how storybook reading contributes to English vocabulary acquisition among young children (kindergarteners), and to explore whether the pictures in the storybook help children to deal with unfamiliar words. A storybook was read to the participants, and how helpful pictures were in the explanation of unfamiliar words in the storybook during the session was analysed. The results showed that pictures in storybook did not really help children in enhancing their understanding towards unfamiliar vocabulary since not all words are in the same category, for instance common noun. Also, storybook reading contributes towards adding and enhancing vocabulary among kindergarteners only if two way communications exists between the child and an adult during the session.


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The people they communicate with may have an impact on their acquisition of language and vocabulary. Children’s knowledge of vocabulary demonstrates the depth of their real world experiences, as well as their communicative interactions with parents and other adults (Hart & Risley, 1995). Neuman and Dickinson (2006) have found that children coming from low SES homes have been exposed to fewer vocabulary items by parents as young children and that exposure was causally related to later outcomes.


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