Storytelling In Literature

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Before reviewing literature, in order to determine the status of our research in the literature, it is necessary to discuss about previous studies that have addressed the role of storytelling in management and leadership. Storytelling already plays an important role for organizations and their leaders and many theorists and researchers highlighted the value of storytelling (Gill, 2014). Management scholars have recognized story and narrative’s role in culture (Hyde, 2008; Rindfleish, Sheridan and Kjeldal, 2009; Boje and Baskin. 2011; Ohara and Cherniss, 2012), teaching (Phillips, 1995; Boston, 2103), sharing knowledge (Lerner, 1992; Sole and Wilson, 1999; Tobin and Snyman, 2008), communication (Kirsch, 2004; Mittins, Abratt and Christie, 2011;…show more content…
According to Boje (1991), stories are the blood vessels through which changes pulsate in the heart of organizational life. Storytelling can contribute to more effective individual learning in organizations (Vance, 1991). Stories can be used as a means of self-development. Managers tell stories in order to evoke leadership characterized by motivation, inspiration, defusing conflict, influencing superiors, discovering a focus and constructing trust (Auvinen, Aaltio, and Blomqvist, 2013). Story and narrative are also used as a research tool (Ledwell-Brown and Dias, 1994; Boje, 1995; Boudens, 2005; Ellis and Hibbert, 2008). Narrative can be the object of research, the method of research, or the product of research (Ewick and Silbey, 1995). Until our research, only two studies were discussed storytelling from the HRD perspective: Tylor (2007) and Beigi (2014). Also, Kopp & et al. (2001) are among the scholars who have discussed the role of the storytelling by considering HRD and organizational crisis management commonality. Tyler (2007), based on a naturalistic inquiry, investigates and interviews whit the fifteen for-profit HRD practitioners, argues how HRD practitioners implement storytelling in business settings as a business process and a tactical
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