Storytelling In Native American Literature

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Native American stories are a critical component of the American society. The stories and particularly those that involve animal characters have enriched not only the American literature but also the entertainment space. Animal characters are an integral component of these kinds of stories. The characters play a specific role in the stories one of which is to characterize the behavior of human beings from which the readers can then draw important life lessons. The purpose of this paper is to help interrogate the nexus between the native stories in America and the entertainment and literal space.
American Native Stories and the American Literature
Native Americans have practiced storytelling even before America was founded by the explorers including Christopher Columbus. Story telling as a tradition has been an aspect of the wider cultural traditions of rituals, ceremonies and storytelling. This is explained by the fact that there was minimal knowledge of writing if any to preserve the culture and thus storytelling was used as a tool for this purpose (Bruchac et al 64-69). The stories in a big way mirror the American literature. Before there was any knowledge of writing, literal pieces were delivered through story telling. Their stories took the form of different genres whether folklores, fables, or myths. There were myths about creation and origin of communities. These genres continue to dominate the literal world in America even today. These stories used and
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