Stoughton's Killer Problem Summary

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Stoughton, S. (2015). Law Enforcement’s “WARRIOR” Problem Harvard Law Review Association. In this non-fiction article printed inside Harvard Law Review forum the author, assistant professor of Law at the University of South Carolina and prior law enforcement officer Seth Stoughton presents the debate of law enforcement possessing a “Warrior Mindset” vs. “Guardian Mindset”. Stoughton defines “Warrior Mindset” and reports law enforcement professionals across the United States have erred in adopting the mentality and its practices. Stoughton instead offers and defines an alternative referred to as the “Guardian Mindset” designed to foster trust and the development of community relationships with law enforcement. Waters, G. (2012). Social Media and Law Enforcement Potential Risks FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin. Social Media and Law Enforcement…show more content…
Review: Federal Support for Local Law Enforcement Acquisition Executive Office of the President This review conducted by the Executive Office of the President detailed procurement of federal equipment to state and local law enforcement agencies. The review names office furniture, computers, and personal protective equipment as the bulk of federally supplied equipment. The review sheds light on the parameters examined by the federal government before equipment is provided and audit of the current processes for best practices. Karandinos et al. (2013) The Moral Economy of Violence in the US Inner City Chicago Journals Field Research conducted in a predominately Puerto Rican neighborhood located inside Philadelphia’s northern section captures true life events. Interviews, statistics, and moral compasses are used to examine The Moral Economy of Violence in the inner city. Bringing forth how an individual’s Scio-economic environment influences morality and decision making through the eyes of Philadelphia’s inhabitants. Bureau of Justice Assistance (1994) Understanding Community Policing A Frame work for
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