Stowaway Journal Entry

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Stowaway By: Angie Liu Crash! The green jars fell with a clatter around me onto the ship’s deck. I cautiously peeked out of the supply closet where I was hiding and took a deep breath. Nobody had seen me. A memory cut its way through the wild jungle of my mind. Four years ago, when I was 10 and my mother was not yet dead with malaria. “Lucy!” Mother called.”Don’t forget to milk the cows!” At the farm, I was so busy, always busy. I was so young, and yet, I already hated the farm. I had needed a way to set myself free. After my mother died, I had heard of a New World so taking only my cat Tiger, I snuck on to Columbus’s boat, which was leaving for the other land. “Grr…” My stomach interrupted my thinking. Sighing, I opened a jar and took out some salted fish. I put down some fish for Tiger. She let out a meow of appreciation as we began to eat. Thump. Thump. Thump. Sudden steps echoed around the hall. I crouched down, trying to make the least amount of noise possible. The steps stopped. Although luck had been on my side for the past hours, it seemed I had run out of…show more content…
My ears heard snatches of talk.”What?!” “Oh!” Tiger arched her back and hissed. My head was spinning and how I wished they would all stop talking. Finally, a man, I could tell by his uniform, he was a lieutenant, shushed everyone and spoke.”Alright now,who are your and what are you doing on this ship?” He growled. I fearfully told him and petting Tiger for comfort, I waited for his answer. “Hmm… So it looks like we have a stowaway on our ship! Well, if you’ve gotten this far, I guess you could come along,” The lieutenant seemed to be lost in thought.”But on only one condition. There will be NO dirty double-crossing or betrayals.” I slowly reviewed everything he just said in my mind. No double-crossing or betrayals. That was easy. I would never double-cross someone who took me away from my horrid old life so acceptingly, I
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