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Dear Seventh Graders, Hello! I’m Cynthia Onyiorah. I’m a seventh grade at South Teas Preparatory Academy (STPA). STPA is one of the best schools in the Rio Grande Valley! STPA is a good school because of its academic curriculum and courses. Also at STPA you will find teachers who have a passion for teaching and strive to push their students to success. I’m writing this letter for you to learn more about my school and so that I can soon learn about you and your school too! STPA is located in a city south of the Mexican border, called Edinburg, TX. During school, I am in Spirit Club. Spirit Club helps organize and start fundraisers for school and make posters for any events that are happening. I’m also in Student Council and what we do is…show more content…
Four classes meet on “A days” and on “B days” I have two different classes than I did on “A day”, for a total of six classes. Every day after lunch you have Spartan Academic Training (SAT), which is a study hall where you get to do homework, watch the news and read. Every day after fourth period you also have Spartan Enrichment Time (SET).SET is where you choose clubs to go to such as, soccer, anime and gaming, chess, Chinese paper cutting, and many more. For three weeks, you have you go to that SET then switch to a different SET. Stressed and tired at the end of the day, SET gives us an opportunity to let loose and have fun! STPA is a magnet junior high school that focuses on grades and hard work. When you don’t you understand a lesson teachers take the time after school to offer tutoring for students who are struggling. This makes sure that no students are left behind. Outside of school there are tourist attraction and fun places to go to. There is an island right next to us called South Padre. During the summer it is a really cool place to hang out with family and friends. More places are The Alamo in San Antonio and Main Event in Pharr, TX. Main Event is your number one entertainment destination for bowling, billiards, laser tag, and many more
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