Summary: Tearing The Roof Off The Sucker

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Police brutality, drug wars, and horrifying gang violence are just a few awful issues that black communities have had to face in the past, and are still occurring problems today. In the article Tearing the Roof Off the Sucker, producer of the film House Party, Reginald Hudlin successfully describes the relationship that many black communities have with police officers, stating “Blacks appreciate the importance of protection and someone to restore order, but at the same the people in that position abuse that right because they don’t respect the people they’re protecting” (Reginald, 23). This quote relates strongly to the film Straight Outta Compton because police brutality is a very important issue that is highlighted throughout the whole film,and…show more content…
The film focuses on the early lives of rappers like Eazy E, Ice Cube, and Dr.Dre, illustrating how they became members of the N.W.A and the rise of their music career. The music they produced was considered “reality rap”, because the lyrics of their songs talked about real life issues that black males had to face in their communities. Their songs told the truth about life in the hood, which is why so many people began to react in different ways and started a cultural war. “The real threat in the music was to the social order, employing a masculine bravado. The music is a reversal of criminality tropes, while functioning as a resource for resistance to spatial surveillance and police violence” (Sanchez, 30), this quote from the ebook successfully explains the breakdown of the music the N.W.A members produced. Police brutality was one of the major issues the N.W.A members rapped about, exposing the police for profiling and killing black males for no reason. Because of this, the N.W.A members began writing protest songs, despite the warnings of the police and their manager Jerry Heller. Their famous song “F**** Tha Police” is one example of how the N.W.A members exposed the police, letting everyone know about the abuse and murders they had to face within their

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