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Straight Outta Compton: AN OSCARWORTHY FILM How great are movies that based off a music group that is controversial and based on reality? Most motion pictures that are critically acclaimed by critics and audiences have been entered into categories for movie award shows such as the Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild, and especially the Academy Awards. But for many reasons, some of those films that have a higher rating are not entered into some of them, like the Oscars, for instance, because most films that have been praised are not worthy to them or only because of personal reasons, for example, like Straight Outta Compton because of the prejudiced issues and how many award nominees are only one color but not other minorities. The only nomination that the film has received is only for Best Original Screenplay, and it also should have others such as Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, or Best Picture. Here’s why: Straight Outta Compton, the biopic about the greatest controversial rap group NWA, was one of the most excellent and powerful movies that I have ever seen. The productioOne thing that I mostly like about the movie is the group and some of their songs, because they are all about the reality of what’s going on with the world and how the actors who played the rappers…show more content…
I have, too. This film may be nominated or won for other awards, but I really think this is Oscar material, but many of them don’t agree because they are prejudiced of other races. It seems like nowadays people from another race can only win an Oscar from a powerful film that involves playing roles that are stereotyped, like a butler or a slave. I’m not saying that those movies are bad, it just that this we want to play a positive role that encourages people that they turn Black Hollywood around. That’s why I think this film is so powerful and
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