Streetwise Documentary Analysis

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1. As you watch Streetwise—a documentary about the lives of Seattle street kids in the early 1980s— consider the explanations of juvenile delinquency offered by strain/anomie theories and control theories (including social disorganization theory and social bonds theory). First, choose the branch of theory that you believe BEST explains the delinquency of the kids featured in the film. Next, choose the single theory along your chosen branch that you believe offers the best explanation. For instance, if you think strain theories offer the best explanation, you should decide whether Merton’s theory or Agnew’s theory best explains the kids’ delinquency. What theory did you choose? Strain-anomie theory fills the film Streetwise. Merton’s idea of strain-anomie focusing on the American dream and success definitely drived the children and their decisions. Many of the kids did not have the means to reach their goals. Even if seemed they had the means such as a supportive family there were still problems. The parents were in jail or alcoholics or even abused the children when they were younger. The children turned to innovation to reach their goals of the American Dream. How does this theory explain delinquency? The children each spoke of a family and pets and living in a house with a front yard. This is the…show more content…
Each of the girls explained they are only doing it for the money. They do not want to go on dates necessarily but they like having money. One of the girls was explaining to Tiny that she came go get her friend off the street but instead her friend convinced her the money was good and she decided to start hoeing too. They all were just in it for the money and how easy it seemed to be to get the money. They all eventually wanted to find love and settle down and have a family and a home in the
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