Stranded In The Wild Analysis

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Stranded in the wild, how would you feel, what would you do, how would you react, what are your thoughts? So many questions about these two excerpts. In the excerpt by Gary Paulsen called Hatchet, Brian finds himself lost in a location that seems to be the forest. He is careless and makes many mistakes, but he learns he has to survive off his mistakes. In the excerpt by Jean Craighead George called Julie of the Wolves, Miyax discovers herself alone in the North Slope of Alaska. She lived with her father but he disappeared after he went hunting for a seal. Now, she must learn how to survive in the wild with just the help of a few wild, dangerous wolves. In both passages, the character must learn how to survive in the wild. How they do this is showed in their actions and thoughts.
To start off, in the excerpt Hatchet by Gary Paulsen, Brian is described as hardworking. He is first showed as hardworking because his small shelter wasn’t that nicely made. So he took
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She is first described as patient because instead of just asking the wolves and risking her life, she watches them. In the fourth paragraph, it states, “She has been watching the wolves for two days trying to discern which of their sounds and movements expressed goodwill and friendship. Most animals had such signals.” This shows that she is very patient because she watched the wolves to see how to confront them. Miyax is also described as dependent because since she couldn’t get her food herself, she decides to depend on the wolves to get her food. In the third paragraph it states, “Miyax stared hard at the regal black wolf, hoping to catch his eye. She must somehow tell him that she was starving and ask him for food. This could be done she knew, for her father, an Eskimo hunter, had done so.” This proves that she is dependent because she wants the wolves to get her food instead of getting it
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