Daughter Of Smoke And Bone Essay

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Strange the dreamer is like Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone book series but not so multi dimensional. The Daughter of Smoke and Bone series is more appealing to me than the Strange The dreamer. The book is separated into different parts, The first part follows a boy named Lazlo Strange who lost his real name and his parents in a war of Zosma. Lazlo was raised by a monk named Brother Cyrus in the Zemonan Alley, he was always told about the mysterious city of Weep. During his time of childhood Lazlo would pretend to be one of the Weep’s fierce warriors on the front line in battle. He goes to visit the great library of Zosma and the head libertarian named Hyrrokin ends up taking Lazlo in as his apprentice. Over the next seven years Lazlo reads books on books to gain knowledge and the sense of adventure eventually giving him the name “strange the dreamer”. A famed alchemist named Thyon Nero requests a book that Lazlo has been writing which documented his studies and musings over the past seven years. After Lazlo gives Thyon his book he…show more content…
Lazlo ends up seeing the six Mesarthim which is the signs of the gods of the city of Citdadel. He ended up seeing Sarai in the painting and he recognizes her from his dream because of her blue skin and red hair. Sarai travels to the city of week and takes the place of Lazlo’s dream of Isagol. In his dream, Lazlo showed Sarai the Great Library of Zosma and all of his favorite books. Sarai warned Lazlo about Eril-Fane’s plans and warned him not to fly up to the citadel. The following morning, Eril-Fane, Azareen, a pilot, and Lazlo boarded a silk sleigh and flew up to the citadel. Despite Minya’s wishes, Sarai showed her true form to the four humans. Minya’s ghosts end up attacking the silk sleigh and the humans retreated back to Weep. They decided not to tell anyone else in Weep about the godspawns in the
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