Argument Against Paedophilia

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Yakup IŞIK 115611064 The Ultimate Neighbour from Hell? Stranger Danger and The Media Framing Paedophilia Jennifer Kitzinger In her article, Jennifer Kitzinger stoically addresses how paedophilia was issued in media’s coverages, and how people reacted those press reports. In my opinion, she is very stoical while handling the subject for an academic purpose. She begins with historical rising of the issue and continues express her ideas upon the media’s approach to the subject, people’s reactions to those press reports and paedophilia related policies. “The Paedophilia” is very important and sore concept to talk about. It has always been a controversial topic. So that when we intent to tackle that problem we should be aware of the framework media provide, the notion people have about it, and the way experts approach to it as a studying item. I have to admit that I had a difficulty in reading the article. It was not because It is…show more content…
I have noticed that media play a crucial role in enhancing the public hysteria. In this incident, I saw the same process as media again using an accusatory language by draw a framework to manipulate the subject. Here I have got some question in my mind. What is the limits of the media? Where it starts from and where it ends? Does media have right to divulgate personal lives, if it is so what is the limit for publicise the incidents? According to Kitzinger Media have a role in creating policies for issues didn’t come to light yet by showing that Paedophilia is a real problem that needs to be discussed. I am on the same page with her at point of importance of media at making importance of an issue. But there is a problem at this point that media cannot control public hysteria after it had started. It is obvious controlling the issue, or where the debate heads to is not in the concerns of the media. What media concern about is whether it is a good story, news to sell
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