The Duffer Brothers Film Analysis

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How do the directors, The Duffer Brothers, use film techniques to create suspense throughout Episode One? Set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, The Duffer Brothers use film techniques and supernatural theme surrounding the disappearance of Will Byres to create a sense of panic, fear and fascination throughout Stranger Things. This is when the audience becomes curious of where Will disappears to, and when Eleven escapes from the government while leaving behind two dead men. The audience becomes emotionally invested with the show through 80s nostalgic references, specifically to an old rotary phone hung on the wall and the reference to E.T the Extra Terrestrial when Mike and Nancy fight at the breakfast table. The Duffers bewilder…show more content…
Initially, the directors mislead the audience using front lighting which shows Benny and Elevens peaceful beginning about Eleven’s smile, which allows the audience to be at ease. Elevens face shows panic as someone knocks at the door. Benny answers to a woman who claims to be social services. Panic and confusion passes over the audience when a long shot of Benny being shot by the social service lady is depicted. With the camera tracking her, Eleven attempts to run from the danger but gets caught by two men with guns, making the audience fear the end result. A low buzzing sound and screeches make the bad guys from the front walk to where Eleven was. Two men lay dead on the ground in an overhead shot making the audience wonder how Eleven got past the men and what happened to the men. The allusion to Alice in wonderland within the song ‘white rabbit’ which plays as Eleven disappears suggests to the viewer Eleven is in a world that she is unfamiliar to. The use of camera angles, music and lighting, the viewer begins to believe the scene to be peaceful until threats appear and people begin to be
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